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About us


Our cooperation is based on the values of transparency, integrity and flexibility and hence present the strength of the cluster.


The forces of the Swiss Plastics Cluster for your competitiveness.



It is the mission of the cluster to enhance the competitiveness and productivity of its members by actively promoting plastic engineering technologies, fostering public private partnerships, offering tailored continuous staff training, creating exchange, networking and business opportunities between its members and value-adding services.



Fields of activity

1. Education and Training: Developing an education and training platform based on its members’ needs with respect to third party training for the apprenticeship as plastics technologist, continuous training as well as knowledge and technology transfer provided within the scope of conferences.

2. Technology & Innovation: Promoting activities in the area of research and development through pre-competitive joint-projects which allow every member to upgrade to the desired level of technology. Fostering competitive projects by connecting private and public actors as well as a state of the art technology monitoring through an exclusive member only databank access and the organization of workshops.

3. Commercial Cooperation: Creating business opportunities by facilitating encounters between two or more members which in return lead to new product development, taping new markets or reducing cost.

4. Networking on national and international scale: Visits of members and potential members by the cluster manager, ensuring networking opportunities among members by hosting technology meetings or business lunches at members premises, taking part in national and international events, actively promoting external organizations to participate in cluster activities, networking as well as matchmaking opportunities.  


Developement of the Swiss Plastics Cluster

In 2005 the Swiss Plastics Cluster was conjointly initiated by the School of Architecture and Engineering Fribourg and five plastics-processing companies in the canton of Fribourg with the ambition to use synergies for continuous training and to solve reoccurring technical questions in the field of plastics. In 2008 the Swiss Plastics Cluster was officially established as a non-profit association in plastics based in Fribourg with its primary area of activity in Western Switzerland but national dimension. As of today the cluster counts more than 90 members which are classified in four groups: industrials, businesses, academics and others. Besides, the Swiss Plastics Cluster entertains a close collaboration with other cluster organizations in the Alpine space (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Slovenia). The Swiss Plastics Cluster operates bilingual in French and German and consequently connects German and French speaking actors in the field of plastics in Switzerland.


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